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About DC Home Kitchen

DietChain Home Kitchen, is your best healthy neighborhood.

We all know that eat healthy and correctly is definitely good for the body. But due with busy work, meals are easily neglected.

Leave it to us! Allows you to eat healthily, and allows you to maintain health without burden.

Features of DC Home Kitchen

  • Veggie Meal designed by experts
  • Taste and delicious
  • The package is not repeated for 30 days, so you will have surprises every day
  • Free delivery fee to save more
  • Natural ingredients to make the body unburdened
  • Quality and hygiene, the chef is well trained and prepared
  • Good for environmental protection, a meal of veggie is equivalent to planting 0.07 trees for the earth

The social significance of a healthy veggie meal

Your choice of ordering food here will not only eat for good health but also help more people start their own businesses from HOME!

  • Reduce family medical expenses

Father of the Medicine Hippocrates said: “Food is our medicine!” Eat the right food will less from sick. Medical expenses are a bottomless pit, and many people are in financial difficulties because of expensive medical expenses.

  • Cultivate diet’preneurs and assist women or single mothers to start their own businesses

Become a diet’preneur, with an average monthly income of RM 3,100* within a year, allowing more people to increase their income and improve their quality of life

  • Plant-based diet is the fastest way to improve global warming and environmental protection

The global warming problem is becoming more and more serious. It is everyone’s responsibility to help on it. According to statistics, every veggie meal is equivalent to planting 0.07 trees for the earth

  • Create a Taman community economy and promote regional economic activity

Seeking region partners to serve potential customers nearby, which is not only convenient for the community, but also ease for consumption.

Diet’preneur Partners

In order to provide you with warm and healthy veggie meals nearby, we seek appropriate partners (single mothers, housewives, people who want to start a business at home or families who want to increase their income, and restaurants that are willing to cooperate, etc.) in each area.

After interviews and screening, education and training to become “diet’preneur”, assist them to set up a qualified home kitchen, and provide a cloud system for customer drainage, ordering, payment, and delivery arrangements, and regular evaluations to ensure that they can be supplied High-quality and hygienic healthy veggie meals for you to keeping healthy and happiness.

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Email: service@dchomekitchen.com

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