Frequently Asked Questions


You are not allowed to access to Peabix Business Panel and all the functions after your subscription expired. Webpage(s) created during subscription period will be maintained, however, widgets in the webpage(s) might be malfunction.
Your wallet credits will remain in your account on Peabix after the subscription expired.
If you have setup Ads settings, the Ads settings will remain and keep running until your credits ran out.

You can renew your subscription through 2 methods.

  1. If you have sufficient credits in your wallet, you can proceed to setup Auto Renewal with Wallet as your payment method. After setting up Auto Renewal with wallet, credits from your wallet will be deducted automatically every month to renew the subscription.
  2. If you do not have sufficient credits in your wallet, you will need to manually renew your subscription, you can click on Renew button from My Subscription in your dashboard.

In your subscription page, click View on your active subscription and click the Cancel button. Please do wait for 1-3 working days for our team to check and process your cancellation. 

Not to worry! We are team of experienced web and system developers that have served various industries and corporates. Feel free to 
contact us if you need an advance and customized website.


We accept payments through credit/debit card, online banking, Boost and Touch n Go.

Here are some common errors and solutions for you:

  • Your credit card/debit card may have expired: kindly ensure your card is valid at the date of purchase.
  • You may have insufficient funds or exceeded your credit limit: kindly contact your bank.
  • You may have entered the wrong information: kindly ensure all payment details keyed in are correct.


For Business Account (who has subscribed package)

  • Please proceed to your Peabix Business Panel. Then, click on Withdrawal from left side menu and fill in all the required information. 

For Normal Account (include sharer)

  • Click into My Wallet. Then, click Withdrawal and fill in all the information needed.

You are required to wait 1-2 working days (exclude public holidays) for us to process your withdrawal request.

Please proceed to HERE to understand the usage of Ads Credit~

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