How to connect Custom Domain Name?


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Custom Domain Settings

Access to your Peabix Business Panel,

  1. Click on the Domains menu located in the left hand side bar.
  2. Click on Add New.

Setup Domain Name

Fill in your domain or subdomain in the input field. Next, click on the Add URL mapping.


Create URL Mapping

  1. Fill in custom url for your domain. Eg.
    (Ignore if you wish to use back the domain root)
  2. Choose the Resource Type. Select Single Post.
  3. Choose the Post Type. Select Post.
  4. Search for the post (webpage) you wish to map to this domain or subdomain.
  5. Click Publish.

A record Pointing

Access to your domain name settings. You may ask your hosting support for help. Point your domain or subdomain to or
(Picture illustrates for domain name registered at Hover)

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